Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New paintings by Heather Jarry

I commissioned a set of watercolors from Heather Jarry, a friend I've known since 6th grade. I adore Heather and her work and wanted to fill my house with her playful, colorful images. A few months ago we went down to the UT life science's library and I showed her a bunch of images that inspired me ranging from the research plates of the 19th century expedition of HMS Challenger to the molecular renderings of David Goodsell. I'm thrilled with the results. Be sure to click through on these images and see the details. Now I just have to figure out where I'm hanging all this new artwork!

A river of fireflies, inspired by the stories of synchronized fireflies from Strogatz.

Closeup of the fireflies

Inspired by microscopic drawings from HMS Challenger

Inspired by a diagram in Visual Complex Analysis

"Actin and Myosin", inspired by a drawing in Machinery of Life by David Goodsell


Study #1, elements of the Myosin, Actin can be seen here

Study #2

Study #3