Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kinetic Explorer v2.0 Released


This is a reaction simulator and data fitter project that I started years ago with Ken Johnson and Thomas Blom. We have just released version 2.0 which includes substantial improvements in the integrator and includes a nice tool for viewing the parametric fit space. After playing with this for years now, I'm convinced that the major problem with fitting tools is that it is incredibly easy to fool yourself into believing that you have a well constrained system when you don't. In this and the upcoming version we've put enormous effort into a UI that can demonstrate if a system is well constrained and if not, why. Thanks to a lot of effort by my bestest-nerd-buddy John Davis, v3.0 will have a brand new super-optimized fitter that uses singular value decomposition to dramatically improve the fit descent and also provide instant feedback on the system's condition rank in signal to noise units.