Monday, June 29, 2009

Glazed fountain spouts

My friends John and Chris Gray at Clayworks glazed and fired the spouts I built last week. They look very nice. Next step is to mortar them in to place -- which is going to be a pain because it is now 103 degrees outside!


John Stark Gray said...

Zach, thanks for letting us be a part of your fountain building. I was afraid I had lied to you when I told you your shallow decorative marks would show through. If I put the glaze on too thick the marks would have been obscured and if too thin the blue would not have shown. But it turned out just right. Be sure and have an fountain opening day party. John and Chris

Etha said...

wow those spouts look amazing!! hope you post a picture when its all watery and running :)
just discovered your blog, tickles me pink :)