Sunday, January 10, 2010

Camera ethernet

One or the combination of drugs I'm on (buproprion and celexa) induce very vivid dreams. The other night I dreamed about allowing laptop computers, which now often have built-in cameras, to communicate with each other by flashing their screens at each other. If the 640x480 cameras ran at 30 fps at, say, 50% efficiency then you might be able to achieve 30*(640*480)/4*8/2 = 9 Mbits/sec which is about the bandwidth of first generation Ethernet. (Although realistically I'd be impressed if you got 1 Mbps.) Implementing this might be a fun student programming assignment.

(Yes, it's true, I have super nerdy dreams! What did you expect?)


Mohawk-John Woods said...

Isn't that sort of how infrared works?

Zack Booth Simpson said...

IR works as a single point transmitter and photodiode. What I'm suggesting is to use the 2-D surface of the screen and the camera's ability to measure it to transmit bits in parallel.