Thursday, March 18, 2010

Traitwise alpha general release

We've made a lot of progress on Traitwise our engine for permitting people to ask and answer seemingly random health-related questions. From this public Q&A we find correlations among all the participants and permit you to understand yourself in a larger context. We also hope that in the long term this gigantic dirty database of answers will reveal interesting things about human health. And, even through we've only barely begun to populate the database, already the correlation engine is turning up intriguing things. For example, some I've looked at today...
  • Reporting that you "have trouble regulating your emotions" is strongly correlated to experiencing significant forgetfulness.
  • Experiencing dry mouth is correlated to napping
  • Being irritable is correlated to being clumsy
While some of these might be statistical flukes (we are, after all, already testing about half a million hypothesis!!) the engine will soon be able to crank up the sampling of those high-interest correlations so that we can asertain if these are statistical flukes or not. Of course, this all depends on participantion, so I beg all of my friends to go to and participate as well as forward the link to whomever they can.

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