Monday, July 26, 2010

Traitwise coding survey

We're almost ready to release the beta version of our survey engine: As a test of the embedded private surveys, I've created this short 10 question survey for my nerd friends to resolve a couple of hypotheses I have about coding styles and coding experience. So, to all my coding friends -- please take a few seconds to honestly answer this survey and to report any bugs or problems you find in the engine.


Anonymous said...

Interesting -- I find no middle indicator a little hard to get traction from.

BTW I got

Sorry, an error has occurred fetching new panels:

panel_list 0 length

Reloading the page may fix this problem.'

After the 'number of years programming' question.

Edward said...

FYI, the question generator was repeating questions frequently. By 10 or 12 questions in, I had only been asked ~5 unique ones.

Edward said...

Just checked again--it isn't repeating questions, but repeats the initial intro screen about as frequently as it puts up new questions.

Edward said...

Actually, it looks like it repeats the intro screen rather than repeat a question, since the frequencies of new questions and intro screen presentations are anti-correlated (more new qeustions at the beginning, moving towards all intro screens as all questions are answered.)