Monday, June 6, 2011

Hypatia artwork by Hollyana Melear

I commission a triptych about Hypatia from my friend Hollyana Melear for my garden. For those who don't know, Hypatia was a nerd martyr -- the only female curator of the great library of Alexandria, she was kill by an angry Christian mob for being an smart uppity female.

There are three panels shown from left to right. The center has Hypatia holding the scroll of knowledge while the angry Christian mob attacks her. Some versions of her demise have her splayed with an abalone shell so there's a real abalone shell in the center bottom. On the left panel is the light house of the Alexandria as the mob chases her down under the christian cross while on the right panel Cyril plots her demise while destroying a scroll symbolic of rationalism. Incidentally, Cyril, who many have blamed for orchestrating her murder was sainted for his troubles.

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Darrel Mayers said...

Hearty congrats to Hollyana. These panels are action-packed and very beautiful. I hope to see them in their natural setting sometime soon. Long live Hypatia!