Sunday, December 14, 2008

Acid washing and starting of back wall

This morning I made the first acid wash of the planter. The acid is pretty nasty to work with. I'm probably overly-paranoid, but I get dressed in a full acid apron, face shield, and gloves. The acid wash makes it look so much better, so despite what a pain it is, it's really quite fun to see the final product emerge. It usually takes two passes to get it really clean with a power wash after each acid application. Unfortunately I don't have a power washer at the moment so I'm just going to leave it like this for a while until my room mate Aaron brings his from Houston.

Meanwhile, I also finished up the brick apron adjacent to the driveway which is where I park garbage cans on garbage days, a small detail but worth it.

Then I started on the back seat wall. First I stacked up dry bricks to work out the pattern and then starting on the first few courses until I ran out of mortar for the day. That small section is about 2 hours of work once you include mixing, cleanup, etc.

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