Monday, December 29, 2008

Old media to new media conversion rate? Negligible

I was curious as to what the conversion rate might be from old media such as Science Magazine to new media like this blog so I tracked the hits of this blog during the publication of the Science article about me last week. The answer? Anemic. On the day of the release, only 90 visits to this blog and most of those came from HackerNews because my friend Jim posted it there. Granted, that's a lot more than the background of near zero, but compared to times when my website Mine-Control has been mentioned in obscure blogs, it's nothing. For example, an obscure Spanish art/video site once linked to Mine-Contol and I ended up with a $1000 monthly bill on bandwidth after tens of thousands of hits. A single tag on a social bookmarking site like digg usually generates thousands of hits. So, despite the fact that lots of people read Science, the conversion rate is apparently low. Of course, this is a single biased sample and it might just be that nobody cared enough about that article, but I suspect that it wasn't that much different in interest than any of the much higher converting blog entries I've been on the receiving end of before. So, thinking of advertising in old media and hoping for a lot of resulting web hits? -- maybe not a great idea.

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