Wednesday, April 1, 2009

House projects

Arch cut for the handrail on the main stairs.

Kitchen nearly complete.

Bruce gets out the Gallagher Saw!

Bruce and I start mounting branches on the front porch.

This one branch was a bitch, we gnawed away it it with probably 30 cuts before we got it to fit right!

We wrapped up many of the recent house projects. The upstairs porch is screened in and has a pane of glass on one side which significantly reduced the noise from the neighbor's AC unit -- now I can have my bedroom windows open!

The rear kitchen is done except for drawer pulls and a couple of electric outlets.

We cut an arch into one of the supports along side the staircase that had been bothering me for a long time because it didn't leave room for your hand to slide along the hand rail. Bruce and I came up with this cut arch solution which also I think looks really cool -- opened up the space a lot.

We started adding branches to the front porch beams which was part of the original plan but we had never gotten around to it. One of these branches was much harder than the others we ended up make many small cuts until we got it positioned just right.

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