Monday, March 9, 2009

Fence line, Bed spreads, Screening, Sophia Collier, and a paper for the Royal Society

Today was an oddly productive day. In the morning I dug post holes for a last bit of fence line that will separate my utility yard from my back yard. Then Bruce came over for measurement on the screening that for the upstairs porch. Then Amberlee came over and we had a little Christmas where we opened all the packages that she had ordered for me -- a new bed headboard, douvet, sheets, and pillows! For lunch I had a marvelous time meeting with Sophia Collier who was introduced to me by my attorney. Sophia and I were apparently born with the same mutant genes; we both left school (I in 11th and she in 12th) and we went off to various other endeavors (although hers have been generally more profitable than mine!) After a career in such things as soda and mutual fund management, she's now into CNC artwork. She has a CNC mill, 3D software, and a lot of fun ideas. We geeked out for hours on art and science projects of all kinds and she gave me much valuable feedback with regards to my various forthcoming enterprises. After lunch I set the fence posts and poured the footer concrete and then started on the rewrite of the paper I've been writing with Andy Ellington for the Royal Society journal Interface which came back with deservedly so-so reviews and which as a result (as seems to often be the case with peer-reviewed journals) is forcing a rewrite that will no doubt result in a better paper.

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