Monday, March 16, 2009

Sound proofing, Screens

Looking up into the ceiling Bruce cut a hole to gain access to underneath the bathroom.

This wall and the adjacent one are going to have sound proofing board added tomorrow so bed and pictures were taken out of the room.

Bruce finished up the back of the new shop cabinets. The wall board guys will clean this up tomorrow.

Crammed my bed temporarily into the spare room.

Pulled the railings out from the back porch to insert the new screens. But the screens didn't quite fit so there's some modification to be done.

There is a bathroom immediately adjacent to my bedroom and anytime it is used at night I can hear, well, everything. This is despite the fact that the walls are filled with 3" of foam. To abate this, Bruce opened up the the ceiling and sprayed in cellulose insulation above and below the bathroom. This made a tremendous amount of dust but didn't do much to dampen the sound. Tomorrow the wallboard guys come and we're going to expand the adjoining walls with another inch of special sound-proofing board. This requires rebuilding two walls, two doors, and repainting so I've temporarily moved my bed into the spare bedroom. Meanwhile, the cabinets were framed up and an attempted mounting of the porch screens determined that there were a few mis-measurements and will require some modifications.

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