Sunday, March 15, 2009

Utility yard

Before (aftually after moving a palette of wood with the help of my neighbor, thanks Verner.)

Yesterday I graded and filled gravel along the sides. The brick ramps are for moving the wheel-barrow.

We moved all the bricks and wood into this pile near where the BBQ will go.

After regrading and filling with gravel. (Not shown, about 1/3 as much still to go)

Today Aaron and I did huge amount of work. I dug 3" deep channels under the fence line to improve drainage. The we regraded the area and dug drainage troughs. We moved all the junk out of the back including a half palette of bricks. I've moved piles bricks so many damned times, I've lost count; at least now they are sitting next to where the BBQ pit will be so they are within arms reach of their final resting place. Then we took down part of the fence in order to improve the grade, laid down a weed barrier, and hauled about 12 loads of gravel up the steps. I'm beat.

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