Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Complementary logic ideas

Talking with John this morning about the equivalence between the gates we're proposing and electrical analogs. John points out that our gates are like "half of a tri-state gate". We started thinking about higher-order logic cells using the proposed gates and realized that you can be logically complete assuming that you can mix gates with complementary inputs and only lose some fraction of them to a bi-molecular cancellation. If this is not the case -- if you lose everything -- then there might still be a way to do it with extra translation stages, but I haven't thought that through yet.

(Image update 21 May. Thanks to Erik for pointing out that I forgot the promoter completion domain.)

Assuming that the above gate cancellation reaction is not favorable (or that tethering them reduces the favorability) then you could combine the gates to make buffers, inverters, and a biased-and-gate that doesn't produce a very clean output, but which would have the property that when inputs A & B are + then output would be + and all other input combination would give output slightly - to very -.

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