Thursday, May 14, 2009

Traveling Pulse Phase Diagrams

Working on understanding the behavior of my amorphous traveling pulse, "Mexican Wave". On the right is a marked up phase diagram of the two states "standing" on the x axis and "tired" on the y axis. The mark ups show the regions where different parts of the circuit are operational. This has helped me get my head around what has to be adjusted to make the system more predictable. One lesson is that the mystery of why the pulse is traveling at different speeds has something to do with the fact that the system does not usually get all the way back down into the same steady-state. The bottom steady-state point "not standing and not tired" should be determined by the relationship of the pull down gate 1 & 2 and the grounding resistors. So, next thing I'm going to do is try to adjust things so that I give the system enough time always settle down into that same point. Then I can tackle understanding how the other gates reshape this phase chart.

An observation. The one directional traveling pulse on the left is making a pattern that looks like the branching pattern on a plant stem. This reminds me of a plant branching model Wolfram talked about in NKS.

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